ArtLoveSound author of paintings
ArtLoveSound studio reside in Republic of Croatia near capital town Zagreb, in  picturesque hilly countryside close to beautiful forest, being the source of endless inspiration and joy.
We hope that some of that good vibe will also be recognizable in our work and our special acoustic panels.
Our artist was studying painting on Zagreb University “Academy of Fine Arts” in Croatia. Being in love with music, she collected music records since childhood, giving all her pocket-money for records rather than clothes:) She was working as editor, host and DJ on very popular Radio 101 in Zagreb and as DJ in clubs . Also she was organizing some of major concert events in Croatia. After years of “fame” her wish is to be anonymous in  this instance. So let the paintings speak in their own name and vibes.
Nevertheless, all  paintings are signed by her.
If you need additional information or  want to purchase hand painted panels or our other art work please contact us. We will be happy to answer.